UNV Annual Report 2013: Volunteering for the World We Want

UNV Annual Report 2013

UNV engages and partners with stakeholders, including UN Member States, the UN system and volunteer-involving organizations, to achieve globally-agreed goals related to peace and development. UN Volunteers facilitate effective and inclusive engagement with civil society and community groups, transfer skills and experience across countries of the South and enable the grassroots mobilization of yet more volunteers.

We are volunteering for the world we want.

The UNV Annual Report: Volunteering for the World We Want depicts the work and achievements of UN Volunteers in addressing the challenges of peace and sustainable human development. This report highlights UNV’s partnerships and results, and attests to the commitment, creativity and talent of our UN Volunteers, UN Youth Volunteers and UN Online Volunteers.

September 8th and September 9th saw an estimated 37,600 volunteers and community members join together with a large range of community groups and municipal departments and cleaned up around 5,500+ tons of garbage and some 300 illegal dump sites in some 97 municipalities across the country.

In the context our efforts to promote volunteerism as a tool for community engagement and development, the UNV programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina is pleased to announce the publication of a brochure on volunteering in BiH. The brochure aims to inform readers about what volunteering is and is not, how volunteering should be organized, and how they can become involved.

"Building a Better World: Partnership with Youth" is the underlying global theme in marking the International Youth Day on 12 August. This year, a global call has been sent out to seek assistance in resolving the issues of utmost importance for young people and to encourage them to make decisions of importance for their lives.

On the 18th May 2013 Bosnia and Herzegovina will take part in the biggest environmental clean-up-campaign that is taking place globally. The goal is to clean all registered illegal disposal sites and make Bosnia and Herzegovina a nicer, cleaner and healthier place!

World Environment Day 2012 was the occasion to recognize and celebrate the vision of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a greener and more sustainable future. 23 high school students and teachers from Bihać, Gradiška, Kresevo, Srebrenica and Tomilavgrad gathered in Sarajevo for the awards ceremony for the “My local community and green energy for the future” competition held by the UNDP and GEF Biomass Energy for Employment and Energy Security project.

You can download UNV BiH 2011 Year in Review Report here.

Civil Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Seeking the Way Forward report sketches out some of the key characteristics of and challenges facing the civil society sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This report underscores the key role that volunteers and individual citizens play in the overall functioning and effectiveness of civil society organizations and civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As importantly, it highlights how volunteers and volunteering offer a means to increase social trust and enhance social inclusion and reconciliation in the country.

You can download Civil Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Seeking the Way Forward report here.

Commemorated every year on 5 June, World Environment Day is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.

This year’s theme, Forests. Nature at Your Service, underscores the variety of life-sustaining services that forests provide and calls us to take action to protect these resources and move towards a greener economy.

You can download World Environment Day booklet here.

The 5 December International Volunteer Day in 2010 served as the launch date for the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers marked in 2001. International Year of Volunteers, celebrated globally in 2001, emerged from the recognition by the United Nations of the value and necessity of volunteer efforts in achieving and safeguarding a more equitable, prosperous and stable global community.

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